Ez Portable Toilet Rental


We offer a wide range of toilets for hire, to suit your specific need, whatever type of unit and however long you need them for. The various designs we have can suit project and events including tank mounted or sewer connect units. The standard inclusions of our portable toilets are

  • Large waste tanks

  • Fresh water tanks

  • Compliant of international regulations and codes

  • Lifting lugs

  • Heavy duty steel kid base

Heavy duty steel kid base Our portable toilets are suitable for worksites, events and temporary to long term requirements.We also have optional inclusions like

  • Large waste tanks

  • Fresh water tanks

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Our portable toilets are made from medium and high density polyethylene. If you order a hot wash system or a portable shower, you will need a 240 volt power supply rated at 16amps for a hot wash toilet and 32amps rating for a shower. All our portable toilets, urinals and showers have their own waste tanks incorporated which we will service regularly. Also, you can order one of our toilet block tanks which will sit beneath six or more portable toilets and collect all the waste. Depending on the size of the tank, this will be done by a service truck or one of our septic tankers.

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Event Toilets


In addition to construction portable toilets that can also feature cold wash, hot wash and portable showers we also provide event portable toilets which are ideal for weddings, parties and festivals. An event portable toilet is made from strong material to be able to withstand the increased wear and tear from higher volume use. We also recommend our clients to hire four to six urinals for the Gents to minimize the queues at the loos.

Health And Safety

Fulfilment of health and safety regulations is a constant priority within the company. We arrange regular portable toilet hire site inspections by our health and safety advisors to ensure that standards are maintained and developed. This will be followed up by management reports and feedback not only about our current standards of care, but also about ways in which we can improve. Each portable toilet hire project is allocated a site supervisor who isresponsible for health and safety standards throughout the length of the ‘project’ until all toilets and waste materials are removed from thesite. Oursupervisor jobs will be to ensure that the quality, health and safety portable toilets hire standards are planned, implemented and fulfilled. Depending on your requirements we will provide all sanitary that are needed together with the toilets.

Among the things we provide for events are

  • Washbasins with hot and cold running water

  • Soaps and towels

  • Sinks that are large enough to wash face, hands and forearms

  • Somewhere dry to change clothes and even store if need be.

  • Our toilets are well ventilated to let air circulation


Ez Portable Toilet Rental


Need a variety of portable toilet options?

You can choose from our Regular Unit, Deluxe Portable Toilet, or the Deluxe Plus Portable Toilet.

We provide weekly servicing of your portable toilets at no extra cost.

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We offer a wide range of toilets to suit your individual requirements, no matter how long you need them. Our designs even include mounted tank or sewer-connect units. Our standard features include:

  • • Large waste tanks
  • • Fresh water tanks
  • • Lifting lugs
  • • Compliant with international regulations and codes
  • • Heavy-duty steel base

Our portable toilets, with their heavy-duty steel bases, are suitable for work sites and special events scheduled to take place on a temporary to a long-term basis.

Optional features include large waste tanks and fresh water tanks.

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Our portable toilets are made from medium- and high-density polyethylene. If you order a hot-wash system or a portable shower, you’ll need a 240-volt power supply rated at 16 amps for a hot wash toilet and 32 amps for a shower. All our portable toilets, urinals and showers have their own built-in waste tanks which we service on a regular basis. You can order a toilet block tank which will be deposited beneath multiple portable toilets (six or more) to collect the waste. The waste collection will be done by a service truck or a septic tanker, depending on the size of the tank.

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We also provide portable toilets that are ideal for events such as weddings, parties, and festivals. An event portable toilet is built of strong material that’s designed to withstand the wear and tear from high- volume use. In order to minimize waiting time, we recommend that clients rent four to six urinals so that the guys don’t have to stand in long lines.

Health and Safety

Meeting safety and health requirements is a priority in our company. We arrange portable toilet site inspections on a regular basis so that our high standards are maintained. The inspection is followed by reports for our managers and feedback that not only evaluates our standards, but also the ways in which we can improve those standards. Each portable toilet rental project is assigned a site supervisor whose responsibility is to ensure that the units meet tough health and safety standards throughout the duration of the project until all the toilets and waste materials have been removed from the site. The supervisor's job is to ensure that the quality, health, and safety standards of the rental toilets are developed, implemented, and fulfilled.

We provide:

  • • A dry place to change, if needed, to store clothing
  • • Well-ventilated toilets that allow air to circulate
  • • Washbasins with hot and cold running water
  • • Soap and towels
  • • Sinks large enough for washing face, hands, and forearms


Portable toilets are a useful and innovative solution to an age-old problem: whether you’re a prince or a pauper, whether you live in a castle or a cubbyhole, everyone needs to use the toilet. Special events attended by large numbers of people have a special need for the ease and efficiency of a rented portable toilet.

They’re convenient: Portable toilets provide bathroom facilities for a construction crew at a work site or for guests at an social event. People with disabilities also benefit from portable toilets that can accommodate physical limitations.

They’re versatile: Portable toilets can be delivered and set up just about anywhere there’s a flat surface.

They’re easy to use: Portable toilets relieve the long bathroom lines at popular events.

They’re cost effective: Portable toilets are often the most affordable way to accommodate employees and visitors, particularly if an event is held in a public facility.

The Advantages Of Portable Toilets


Portable toilets have become one of the most useful innovations as they have provided meaningful solution to an old age problem. They are important to have in an array of situations. For instance, at large events such as crafts or carnivals, portable toilets are used to accommodate the needs of guests. Some advantages of portable toilets are

Portable Toilets


Portable toilets provide a convenient way of supplying a bathroom to construction workers or people in an event. They are can also be designed to provide need for people with mobility disability.



A portable toilet can be transported and placed in an array of places. All that is needed is a flat surface.


Ease Of Use

Portable toilets fill the gap and ensure that the traffic at traditional toilets is not overwhelming during large events.


Cost Effectiveness

Under many circumstances, portable toilets are the most affordable ways to accommodate employees and visitors. For instance where an event is held in a public park building of permanent toilets will be an expensive affair.